Message from the EduRescue Founders

Hello Teachers,

Welcome to Stage One of the Flexible Learning Tool Kit 101 (A Survival Guide)

Survival....yes, because in any crisis the first step is to survive. Ever since this pandemic landed in our country, the education industry took the biggest hit because we have to convert our 100 years of educational system into a flexible learning modality -  in 3 months! This crisis did not spare the private schools - as of today over 400 private schools have already closed down and more are expected to follow suit in the coming months. 

This is the founding mission of EduRescue - to rescue the frontliners of education -  yes, you are frontliners, our beloved teachers. EduRescue uses the concept of real life rescue operations to achieve this mission. The first stage is what we call Emergency First Response. In rescue operations, the first responders are the most important team who should act swiftly and decisively because it is a matter of life and death. This is where we are in right now.

For COVID-19, the EduRescue School for Teachers is our first response to mitigate the effects of this crisis to our country’s education system. As partners of Heroes 2021, we have combined our three most popular courses to develop this Flexible Learning 101 Course for you. What makes this course special is that we made some updates to be more relevant and made it fully integrated with the Heroes 2021 program.

Our goal in this course is to help you survive flexible learning. We will not aim to become experts (yet), but we will learn enough to survive the first few months of the new (normal) School Year 2020-2021. Hence, we do not want to overwhelm you. As teachers, the burden of educating our country’s youth rests on your shoulders and it is very heavy. We cannot fail in this endeavor because, if we do, our country will have an educational crisis and that will be worse than an economic crisis because it will affect our next generation of learners for years to come.

EduRescue and the Heroes Team are here to help lighten your burden - we will be your partners in this shift to the new normal. Our courses are designed to equip and empower you in the hopes that in the future you will do the same to your co-teachers. Let’s do this together because we have to do this together and be one - there is no other choice.  We all could be heroes. 

Mabuhay po tayong lahat!


Jed & Lesley Santos


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